MADFest 2024 Winners

Congratulations to all of our performers and artists who competed in this year's MADFest!

Best in Show
Edwin Wood, Greg Seok, Daniel Jiang, Chuck Chen, Cyrus Manoogian.


First Place: Daniel Jang 
Second Place: Greg Seok, Abigail Brenner

Dance Solo
First Place: Elizabeth Brenner
Second Place: Abigail Brenner

Dance Ensemble
First Place: Harper Phillips, Makenna Bilbrey, Mya Burnett, Abigail Hartridge, Cecilia Barry
Second Place: Elizabeth and Abigail Brenner

First Place: Jansyn Davis
Second Place: Sophia Moore

First Place: Cyrus Manoogian
Second Place: Elizabeth and Abigail Brenner

Vocal Solo
First Place: Jade Blakeley
Second Place: Owen Murphy

Vocal Ensemble
First Place: Tyler Price and McKenna Green 
Second Place: Sophia Moore and Nayumi Basuel

Drama Solo
First Place: Tarynn Graham
Second Place: Kite Stribling and Bree Lauder Williams

First Place: Leo Yoshioka
Second Place: Zuri Renken
Third Place: Katie Barta

2-D DESIGN/Mixed Media
First Place: Matthew Rivera
Second Place: Gabrielle Witt
Third Place: Kendall Weisser
First Place: Gracie Scott
Second Place: Evan Thurmond
Third Place: Evan Thurmond

PHOTOGRAPHY/Graphic Design
First Place: Mingjie Jiang
Second Place: Nathaniel YU
Third Place: Anastazija Stomjimirovic
Best in Category: Richard HU

Middle School 2-D/3-D Visual Arts
First Place: Aster Yu Jiang 
Second Place: Harper Phillips
Third Place: Emma Denisoff
Honorable Mention: Emma Vignolini
Honorable Mention: Savanna Bubenick

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