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Alumni Profile: Jazmyn Pickstock '19

Jazmyn Pickstock '19 is about to graduate from Belmont University. Jazmyn was a boarding student at Rabun Gap for five years. She was a member of the varsity tennis team and was very involved in dorm life. She credits her time at Rabun Gap for making her transition to college easy. After her graduation from Belmont, she will be heading to England to attend Imperial College London where she will pursue her Masters in Public Health. We can't wait to see all Jazmyn will continue to accomplish!

Tell us about the transition from Rabun Gap to college.

My transition from Rabun Gap to college was easier than I expected. It was hard to leave the community and all of my friends behind, but I found it easy to adapt to living in a dorm and how dorms worked because of living in one for 5 years at Rabun Gap. I also was an RA for 3 years in college, and constantly referred to being a prefect in boarding school to help me through that transition.

You are graduating from Belmont University. What's next for you?
After I graduate, I'll be moving to London to attend Imperial College London and pursue my Masters in Public Health! My goal is to work with a health agency to work on eliminating healthcare disparities for minorities with chronic diseases.

What is something interesting about you that we wouldn't find on your resume?
I’ve been to 16 countries! 

How did Rabun Gap influence your future goals?
Rabun Gap showed me that I could try anything I wanted, or be anything that I wanted to be. Through being given the opportunity to dip my toe into every field, whether it's arts or sports, or chemistry or literature, it made me a more well rounded student and person and helped me to incorporate being well rounded into my college career. Being well rounded helped me to arrive at Public Health as a career, I wanted something that incorporated healthcare and outreach.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Rabun Gap?
My favorite memory at Rabun Gap would have to be the Irene's Next Top Model fashion show that happened often my junior year. The whole dorm would get together and put on outfits and model down the hallways, and there would be three judges to decide the winners. 

Is there a specific faculty member, dorm parent, or coach who had a particularly important impact on you?
There's so many impactful people! Mr. Nowack, Ms. Buice, Ms. Valerio, Mr. Karplus, Dr. Chaves, and I could continue to go on! But I'm going to go with Mrs. Kuehne. She was my middle school advisor and made sure to keep contact and track of me until I graduated and after. She was like a second mom to me, especially during my first year at Rabun Gap.

What would you like to see happen at Rabun Gap in the next 10 years?
As a former tennis player at Rabun Gap, I'd love to see new tennis courts and perhaps bleachers on both sides of the courts! I am so excited to learn about all the improvements that have been made and a currently being made to the courts!
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