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Student Profile: Ayo Iyanda '27

Meet Ayo Iyanda '27! Ayo is a boarding student from Atlanta, GA and this is his second year at Rabun Gap. He is an honor roll student, played in our orchestra, and competes for many our Middle School teams. He is an active member of the community and enjoys all the opportunities that comes with being a boarding student. Ayo credits his dorm parents, Aunt Connie and Ms. Aguirre with much of his growth as a student and a person.

Why did you choose to attend Rabun Gap?
I chose Rabun Gap because it was a good opportunity for me to learn how to become more mature in a boarding school. It also made me a more social person than I used to be. I am glad I came to Rabun Gap because I got help with academics and sports.

What makes Rabun Gap special to you?
What makes Rabun Gap special to me is how I just came to Rabun Gap and I have big role in the school. I have been here for two years now and I played for the basketball team, participated in track and field, played tennis, soccer, was part of the orchestra, and a boarding student.
Tell us about a time at Rabun Gap where you’ve had to stretch beyond your comfort zone and how you were supported in that time. 
At one time in 7th grade I was having a terrible time after things weren’t going my way. I was supported by Aunt Connie and Ms. Aguirre talking with me and me spending time alone in my room. I was supported by teachers that helped me increase my grades and helped me at school. I was also helped by my friends who gave me advice and the support I needed at that time.

What is your favorite memory from Rabun Gap?
My favorite memory has to be playing Summit in the basketball quarter finals. We lost to Summit twice in a row and were planning to win the quarter finals against them. In the game, I guarded the best player on their team. While he was going down the court I set my feet and drew the charging foul. I got the crowd and my teammates hyped and cheering, it was just a moment I felt good.

What clubs and extracurriculars are you a part of? What do you like most about them?
I was part of the tennis and basketball team and currently doing track and field. What I liked most about tennis is that the team was so encouraging and loving to one another. We also communicated a lot during games. The basketball team was also loving and encouraging but the thing stuck out is the coaches mindset of not giving up. The coaches for track and field are trying to get us in shape and we work hard as a team.
What is your favorite class and why?
I would say it’s P.E. but if it was academic wise, I would choose history/English mostly because Mr. Farris is a great teacher and a good person. He is a very motivational person that cares about other people. He teaches the class in a special way that is not like other teachers.  

Which Rabun Gap teachers and/or coaches have had the biggest impact on you during your time here?
The teachers or coaches that had the most impact on me were Mr. Farris, Coach Cooper, and Mr. Ash. I say this because during my time here at Rabun Gap, as an 8th grader these teachers and coaches told me to never give up and that I have a lot of potential that can lead to a good future.
What do you enjoy most about being a boarding student?
What I enjoy most about being a boarding student is the opportunity to learn new things and become more mature. I also enjoy getting to go to fun places over the weekend like the mall, The Factory, the movies, and so much more. Aunt Connie and Ms. Aguirre are great people that help you grow and set you forward for the future. They are so loving and caring and I wish the people coming to the dorm next year know how loving they are.
What advice would you give another student who is interested in attending Rabun Gap?
Advice that I would give to another student who is interested in attending Rabun Gap would be to be as social as you can. I would advise them to make as many friends as possible because Rabun Gap is a very friendly school. I would also say to participate in clubs and extracurriculars to find a talent that you love. Rabun Gap can take your talent and turn it into something special. 

How do you feel your time at Rabun Gap has prepared you for your future?
Living in the dorm has made me more mature and helped me manage my time for school work. It has prepared me academically by learning how to keep my grades up while living in the dorm. It also prepared me for sports because I was not as athletic and fit as I am now when I first came to Rabun Gap. My time at here has definitely prepared me for the future.
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