Faculty Profile: Qui Antoine, Lower School Music Teacher

Qui Antoine is our Lower School music teacher and gives vocal lessons for Rabun Gap+. This is her fourth year at Rabun Gap. She holds a holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Catawba College. Before coming to Rabun Gap, she worked at working at Discover Church in Franklin, NC as the Office Administrator, Bookkeeper and Worship Team Leader and Vocal Coach. Qui is a seasoned performer, she has performed everywhere from Disney World to Dr. Maya Angelou’s 85th Birthday Celebration. She has also given private vocal lessons since 2010. In her free time, Qui enjoys painting, doing hair, spending time with family, and doing karate.

How long have you been working at Rabun Gap?
This is my fourth year working here at Rabun Gap!

What made you choose to work at Rabun Gap?
I love the supportive community and appreciated the genuine excitement of having music in the Lower School in addition to the Strings program. The opportunity to come teach at Rabun Gap was definitely a God given opportunity. 

What did you do before coming to Rabun Gap?
Before coming to Rabun Gap, I was working at Discover Church in Franklin, NC as the Office Administrator, Bookkeeper and Worship Team Leader and Vocal Coach. 

What makes Rabun Gap special to you?
I love the fact that every student gets to experience so many amazing opportunities offered here. Whether it is performing in the arts programs, building sets, running sound and lights, or being a part of a sports team, managing or competing, traveling abroad to experience different cultures; there are ample opportunities for students to learn, collaborate, and grow. 

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Growing up I had many amazing teachers who have inspired and cared for me when I felt like no one else did which further developed my desire to be that for someone else. Through music I was able to find a voice inside of me that I never thought possible. Becoming a music teacher helps me inspire kids to explore and find their voices through the arts. I also LOVE kids and the opportunity I have to help shape their future is something I do not take lightly. 

Tell us about the Lower School music program and working with Rabun Gap+.
The focus of Music in the Lower School is to help students obtain a better understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals of music in a fun, exciting environment. Students will explore many avenues of music including learning the basics of music notation and theory, proper vocal techniques for singing, and principles of stage movement. Students will engage in team bonding exercises and collaboration to gain understanding of performing as a group. Through numerous applied learning activities, Quaver Music Curriculum, games and exercises, students are encouraged to branch out and try new things, oftentimes finding new talents and strengths! Through RG+, I teach private voice and piano lessons to 18 students currently, as well as teach a Song & Dance class to PreK-Kindergarten students. I absolutely love my one on one time with my students to strengthen their performance ability and confidence! 

What do you like most about working with our students?  
My favorite thing about working with our students is watching them become passionate about music. I especially like when students who do not normally enjoy participating in the arts find something they are actually good at. I encourage each student to try everything; dance, singing, auditioning for solos, etc., even if they think they aren't good. They usually shock themselves at how talented they actually are. I love to witness their boost in confidence and I love to inspire them to believe in themselves. I have had many students grow to enjoy singing and dancing, causing them to audition more for solos and special dance performances. I also enjoy getting to work with students from all three divisions through directing the middle school musical and teaching private lessons to students in Lower, Middle and Upper School. 

What is your favorite memory from the time you have worked here so far?
I would say my favorite memory so far has to be this year directing the Middle School Musical, HONK! Jr in the fall. I am so proud of the amount of work, time and dedication my students put into creating such a special show. I am also very proud of the overall outcome of the production despite the challenges throughout the time we had to prepare. Getting to direct and choreograph the musical helped me grow in so many different areas, especially creatively. I am excited to continue next fall! 

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?
I would say I have a willingness to try out various new things which I usually find I'm actually good at. For example, I was never taught how to braid hair, I just watched and tried it out and it turned out great! I am also an orange belt in karate! 
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