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Student Profile: Lawson and Marshall Pritchett

Brothers Lawson and Marshall Pritchett are thriving at Rabun Gap. Lawson ’24 and Marshall ’25  are boarding students from Mt. Pleasant, SC, and this is their first year attending Rabun Gap. The Pritchetts are heavily involved in athletics; they shine at the varsity level in both football and lacrosse. Marshall and Lawson are exceptional athletes and have garnered multiple college offers to play football at some of the top programs in the country.  The brothers also excel in the classroom, both maintaining GPAs over 3.0 as AP and honors students. Rabun Gap’s excellent academic and athletic programs as well as boarding life attracted the family to our school. 

“The combination of great athletics and a great education is what separates Rabun Gap from other boarding schools,” said Marshall. “I'm in an environment here at Rabun Gap that helps me prepare for the next level, which is exactly what most high school athletes looking to play at the next level need.”

Both brothers enjoy and appreciate the community that Rabun Gap provides. They each spoke highly of the student support and credited the student section when talking about their most exciting football game against Christ School. 

“There was a huge crowd and it was cool to see the whole school come together with alumni to watch us beat our rivals,” Lawson said. “I like how all the teams support each other here. I think it shows that the athletic teams are all one and we all want the best.”

Lawson and Marshall live in Coit Dorm where they are roommates. The pair is one of many sibling groups who live on campus. 

“Being at Rabun Gap with my brother is great because I had someone I knew from the start, which made me comfortable,” said Lawson. “Sometimes we don’t get along, but it has definitely made us closer.”

They are both enjoying all aspects of boarding life. “It's great to be able to always have my friends around me at all times, and safe to say there's never really a dull moment,” Marshall said. “I also try my best to embrace the lifestyle of living in a dorm, because once I get to college it will be light work for me to balance time management and there won’t be much of an adjustment.”
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