Arts at Rabun Gap

MADFest 2022 Winners

Congratulations to all of our performers and artists who competed in this year's MADFest!

First Place: Ahn Pham
Second Place: Greg Seok

Dance Solo
First Place: Dustin Anderson
Second Place: Sarah Katherine Brenner

Dance Ensemble
First Place: Dustin Anderson and Morgan Mescher
Second Place: Sarah Katherine, , Elizabeth, and Abigail Brenner
Honorable Mention: Kay Kay Justilien & Blaire Lauder-Williams

First Place: Scott Liu 
Second Place: Sophia Moore

First Place: Katherine Tench
Second Place: Elizabeth Brenner

Vocal Solo
First Place: Lauren Eubanks
Second Place: Lucy Barry
Honorable Mention: Sophia Moore

Vocal Ensemble
First Place: Ella Loveland & Laura Schmeichel
Second Place: Abby Hartridge & Makenna Bilbrey

Drama Solo
First Place: Laura Schmeichel
Second Place: Kite Stribling
Honorable Mention: Paloma Robles

Drama Ensemble 
First Place: Laura Schmeichel& Cheney Moriarty
Second Place: Sam Watts & Jeb Bring

First Place: Sadie Smearman
Second Place: Gracie Scott
Third Place: Imani Olateju
Honorable Mention: Isabella Wells
Honorable Mention: Genevieve Maddox                     
Honorable Mention: Lizi Green

2-D DESIGN/Mixed Media
First Place: Scott Liu
Second Place: Ella Loveland
Third Place: Cedric Anton
Honorable Mention: Abby Soto
Honorable Mention: Piers McGowin
Honorable Mention: Gracie Scott

First Place: Vivi Geren & Gracie Scott
Second Place: Scott Liu
Third Place: Zoey Townsend
Honorable Mention: Ella Loveland
Honorable Mention: Jill Hill 
Honorable Mention: Zoey Townsend

PHOTOGRAPHY/Graphic Design
First Place: Clara Pedall
Second Place: Sydney Graham
Third Place: William Cai
Honorable Mention: Clara Pedall 
Honorable Mention: Theo Ochieng
Honorable Mention: Peter Pedall
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