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Student Profile: Rosine Yin '22

Meet Rosine Yin '22! Rosine is a boarding student from Beijing, China. She has been a student at Rabun Gap since seventh grade after joining our middle school boarding program. Rosine is an excellent musician and plays in the Rabun Gap Orchestra. She is also a prefect, dancer, and sings in the choir.  

Why did you choose to attend Rabun Gap?

I choose to attend Rabun Gap because it offered a middle school boarding program, and I really liked the school's location. The weather is similar to my hometown.

 What makes Rabun Gap special to you?

Rabun Gap is my home away from home. I have met some extraordinary people during my time here and made some great friends. I’m so thankful for having them in my life.

What is your favorite memory from Rabun Gap?

I have way too many memories, but if I have to choose a favorite, I would say all of them come from performing on stage, either with the orchestra, the choir, or the dancers.

What do you like most about your extracurriculars?

I enjoy student-run clubs and how Rabun Gap gives all the students the freedom to explore themselves. It helps each one of us to be leaders.

 What has been your favorite thing about being in the orchestra?

My favorite thing about being in the orchestra is that I know every day when I step in that door, I’ll be challenged and learn something new from all my talented musician friends.

You have been a boarding student since the seventh grade. What is the best part about living on campus?

The best part about living on campus is that you get the chance to get to know your classmates and your teachers better.

Which Rabun Gap teachers and/or coaches have had the biggest impact on you during your time here?

All of my teachers are amazing, and I’m so grateful for all their love and support. Personally, Mr. Heselton and Ms. Allegra have had the biggest impact on me during my time here. Mr. Heselton came to RG the same year I went to the school, and we have known each other for six years. I’m so happy to see him working in the upper school, and his family always made me feel like I was at home. As for Ms. Allegra, everybody in the school knows she is such a wonderful person, she is always caring, and sometimes I have to wait in line because everybody wants to talk with her.

What advice would you give another student who is interested in boarding and attending Rabun Gap?

Don't be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. You will discover that you can do so many things you never thought you would be able to do, and people around you all have so many things to offer. So definitely share your stories with people around you and ask them to share their stories.

Which interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?

Besides music, I love to dance, and I have taken studio dance classes after my after-school activity. I also like gardening, floral design, and currently, I’m working in the school dining hall during the weekend to learn how to cook.
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