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MADFest 2020 awards announced

Awards have been announced for MADFest 2020.
Rabun Gap students came together virtually to celebrate the arts in the annual MADFest Showcase on Friday, May 8. 

MADFest is an opportunity for Middle School and Upper School students to create, perform and display their talents. COVID-19 moved the annual event online, and Rabun Gap students submitted video and photo entries in vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, dance, drama, and film. More than 150 viewers tuned in to the live-streamed performance. Click here to view the full show. 

Student submissions were reviewed by special guest judges Chryssie Whitehead, Summer Boggess, Kevin McMahon, Daniel White, and Sierra Boggess. 

The following students received awards:



First Place: Dora Westbrook '20
Second Place: *Tie* Lawson Webster '20 and Fisayo Ekeng '21
Honorable Mention: Clayton Hutchison '20


First Place: Stasi Shuleva '21
Second Place: Niamh Dempsey '20
Honorable Mention: Chris Davis '20


First Place: Scott Liu '22 and Nathan Williams '20
Second Place: Jasmine Sofela '21
Honorable Mention: Phil Vossieg '21


First Place: *Tie* Tsering Lama '21 and Ella Loveland '23
Second Place: Kenny Hall '20


First Place: Olivia Harris '20
Second Place: *Tie* Tatianna Derisse '20 and The Brenner Sisters (Sarah Katherine '22, Elizabeth '24, and Abigail '26)
Honorable Mention: Morgan Mescher '24


High School Drawing: 

First Place: Lara-Maria Andersson '21
Second Place: Lizi Green '23
Third Place: Sophie Biaso '20
Honorable Mention: Jackson Bloom '20 and Ruby Wang '21

High School Digital

First Place: Eri-ife Olayinka '21
Second Place: Kristina Nikolova '21
Third Place: Angela Cordero '22
Honorable Mention: Nati Darnell '20 and Mario Trujillo '22

High School 3-D

First Place: Laura Maria Andersson '21
Second Place: Rachel Wu '21
Third Place: IMG 3165
Honorable Mention: IMG 8869 and IMG 9041

High School 2-D

First Place: Krissy Nikolova '21
Second Place: Derin Akdeniz '20
Third Place: Iain MacRae '20
Honorable Mention: Ella Loveland '23 and Victoria Cochran '20

Middle School 2-D

First Place: Stella Vogelbacher '24
Second Place: Cathryn Carmack '25
Third Place: Kotono Imuza '24
Honorable Mention: Savanna Jones '25 and Annalise Fon '24

Middle School 3-D

First Place: Sophia Moore '24
Second Place: Maddox Payne '24
Third Place: Connor Lombard '25
Honorable Mention:  Gracie Scott '24 and Savanna Jones '25

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