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Rabun Gap honors Georgia GOAL supporters

A special luncheon held in September recognized individuals and businesses that give to Rabun Gap through the Georgia tax credit scholarship program. 
Head of School Mr. Jeff Miles hosted an appreciation luncheon to thank alumni, parents, employees, and friends of Rabun Gap for providing financial aid through the Georgia GOAL tax credit scholarship program. Addressing the gathering in the Carton Board Room in the new dining hall, he congratulated the supporters on making this Rabun Gap's best GOAL year yet, with $320,000 in scholarships, up from $126,000 last year.

"Because you care, 39 of our students are receiving tax credit scholarships. Amazingly, half of our tax credit scholarship providers never had a family member attend the school, they just love how we help children," he said.  "Financial aid has always been a cornerstone for what we do at Rabun Gap, but we have a limited amount of financial aid available and it comes from a very limited number of sources. Increasing the amount of tax credit scholarships is a big deal. It helps individual families, but also our overall ability to meet the financial challenges of running a school with so many students, programs, and buildings."

Seth Menhinick '86 participates in the tax credit program and drove several hours to attend the luncheon. 
"It is great to be part of something so worthwhile. Count me in for the long haul," he said. 

GOAL empowers people who pay Georgia income taxes to fund a scholarship and then get their taxes decreased by the same amount with a 100% tax credit. It is a wonderful way for individuals and business owners to pass along the Rabun Gap legacy, at no cost to themselves.

This is an exciting time, because Georgia recently increased the program's budget from $58 million to $100 million, making it possible for us to bring many more scholarships home to our school. We just need more people to participate! The number of students that Rabun Gap serves recently increased from 450 to 600, which means there is a much larger need for financial aid.

We invite additional participants to join us, and hope to make the coming year even better. Please contact Eric Vogelbacher,, for more information, or go directly to to sign up for a credit in the 2020 tax year.
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