Alumni In Memoriam

For the gift of this life, we thank you God...

The lives of the members of the Rabun Gap community listed below are celebrated and honored each year by alumni and the school community.  The June Homecoming chapel service includes the reading of names with the prayer, “For the gift of this life, we thank you God."  An All-Saints’ Day student service also includes the reading of names with prayer.

If you would like to make a gift to Rabun Gap in memory of one of these individuals, please click here and note your intention on the form. A card acknowledging your thoughtfulness will be sent to the family.

Alumni Honored This Year

Doug Nix ‘61: August 8, 2023
Peggy (Harris) Morales ‘61: March 29, 2022
Max Grist ‘40: June 28, 2023
Keota Pippi Drake Partee ‘76: July 29, 2023 *Navy Veteran
Tanis K. Page ‘72: March 27, 2023
Norman Pursley ‘43 JC: June 14, 2021 
Brenda Carpenter ‘76: June 20, 2023
Walter Lee Ramey ‘73: August 18, 2023
Christine Norton Wilson ‘41: August 20, 2023
Richard Merrin ‘58: August 1, 2023 
Hunter Burch ‘91: May 22, 2023
Doris Mason Carpenter, Farm Family: August 18, 2023 
Carl Edward Fennell, Former Staff: September 5, 2023 
Terri Webb Dial ‘78: August 31, 2023
Melba Moses Huggins, Former Faculty: September 17, 2023  
George Kincaid ‘76: September 17, 2014 
Clement Niyokindi ‘23: October 14, 2023
Patricia Oliver, Former Staff, September 21, 2023
Constance James Baskins ‘69: April 29, 2023
Betty Kelly Wyatt ‘57: October 30, 2023
Emma Buchanan Chastain ‘70: November 28, 2023
Vicki Chastain York ‘76: November 10, 2023
Karen Graves Scheriff ‘85: December 19, 2019
Steven Stanley Burrell ‘70: December 16, 2023
Carole Salzman, Former Staff: January 8, 2024
Claudia Kelly Cantrell ‘59: January 12, 2024
Evelyn “Polly” Norris ‘61: January 13, 2024
Opal Dailey Garland ‘61: January 20, 2024
Lila Ogletree JC ‘41: December 27, 2023
Roba Keener ‘47: February 20, 2024
Clarice Cannon Bartlett ‘55: February 22, 2024
Martha Ann Pitts Lee ‘49: February 24, 2024
Nancy Glymph Spearman ‘43: July 24, 2022
Mary Rose McGuire ‘07: February 18, 2024 
Joseph “Rusty” Leggett ‘77: April 18, 2023 *Army Veteran
Billy Joe Stiles ‘49, Former Faculty: March 14, 2024
George Pearis Reynolds, Former Staff: March 14, 2024
Wendy Mills Boren ‘78: February 16, 2024

If you know of another name that needs to be added to the list, please e-mail

All previous names are recorded in the Memorial Book maintained in the Alumni Heritage Center.  For Memorial Book inquiries, please contact Cathy Parker at or 706-746-7467 x1773

Necrology By Class Year

List of 76 items.

  • Class of 1924

    Ward S. Fleshman
  • Class of 1935

    Emmett Urcey Dillard
    Earl Monroe Irby
  • Class of 1936

    Daisy Martin Justice
  • Class of 1937

    Della Bennett Dillard
    Marjorie Elene Carpenter Robinson
  • Class of 1938

    Kate Stiles King
    Martha Roberts McDowell JC
    Jessie Suddath Rouse
  • Class of 1939

    James Bailey
    William Bannister
    Sue Sudie Coleman Chandler
    Buris Buris Franks Crowell
    Lester Davis
    Hugh Davis
    Grace Faircloth
    Walter Fuqua
    Grace Faircloth Fuqua
    Anna Gibbs Futch
    Warren Dwight Gaines
    Max Glymph
    Charles Charlie Gunn
    Louise Wilson Haynes
    Annie Anne Brown Holt
    Dillon Hopper
    Daisy Sanders Hunter
    Selma Louise Deal James
    Floy Fay Neal Keener
    Geneva Ginn Mayfield
    James McPherson
    Zane Moore
    Mildred Gulley Powell
    Charles Puette
    Rosa Ledford Rhodes
    Carl Sinclair
    Tommie Crawford Spears
    Martha Childress Suddath
    William Bill Turner
    Wayne Varner
    Theron Ward
    LeRoy Etheridge Webb
    Sherman Wilson
    Doris Scales Wright
  • Class of 1940

    Robert Ambrose
    Viola Vi Hill Andrews
    George Bannister
    Anne Seay Boekelheide
    Walter Bowen
    Kate Bradley
    James Harold Buffington
    Joseph Harding Cain
    Marlar "ML" Carpenter
    William Chandler
    Richard Chandler
    James Deal
    Mark Deal
    Leighton Deming
    Irwin Dyer
    Lucille Grist Enloe
    Ruth Glenn
    Howell Glover
    Jesse Hayes
    James Etsel Hopper
    Louise Buffington Keim
    Hugh Kelly
    Evelyn Bryant Lane
    Watson Lankford
    Joe Martin
    Mary Addington Martin
    Fayette McElhannon
    Henry Neal
    Naomi Singleton Osburne
    Eula Glenn Payne
    John Porter
    Byron Rich
    Jack Roberts
    Owen O. W. Robson
    Carl Rogers
    Helen Rogers Nichols
    Louise Fraser Rose
    Eloise Ross
    Norman Simonton
    Herbert Spears
    Grady Leon Stratton
    Garnett Thompson
    Charles Wade Thurmond
    Horace Tyler
    Reba Swanson Wall
    Emma Betty Page Welborn
    Henry Hank Wilson
    Jesse Marvin Wilson
    Ruth McPherson Yates
  • Class of 1941

    Rachel Faye Brown Allin
    John Askew
    Frances Cobb Bagwell
    Charles Ed Bishop
    Elbert Bishop
    Kathryn Darnell Brown
    Florine Crowe Collins
    Geraldine Pittman Dail
    Ray Foster
    Frances Taylor Goolsby
    Curran Gunn
    Roy Harper
    Mary Bruce Hart
    Frances Holland Hopper
    Kenneth Johnson
    Frances Freeman Johnson
    Allene Johnson
    Oscar Jollay
    William Kirkland
    Walter Loyd
    Pauline Moore Matheson
    Inez McKinney
    Martha Little Brown Nix
    L. Nix
    Charlie Ogletree
    Doris Swanson Parker
    Mary Sue Brown Pennington
    Julia Head Pope
    Margaret McGee Rodgers
    Robert Sangster
    Mary Alexander Saxon
    Floss Darnell Sitton
    Ruby Heringdine Skelton
    Eric Smith
    Raymond Smith
    Hugh Smith
    William Smith
    William Stegall 
    Hazel Pannell Talley
    Doris Cheek Thomas
    Walter Fred Threlkeld
    Josephine Askew Wheeler
    Wesley Williams
  • Class of 1942

    Henry Addor
    Richard Black
    James Brooks
    Merle Cornelia Cromer Brown
    Dorothy Burrell Church
    Hilda Darlington
    Edward Davis
    Frances Fry Deal
    Mary Carter Dean
    Irmel Dillard
    Tommie Taylor Gaines
    Archie Gregory
    James Grist
    Lynda Wilson Hasty
    Glenn Edward Hopper
    Mildred Perkins Johnson
    Donald Johnson
    McKinley Jones
    Samuel King
    Annie Miriam Dillard Klar
    Gladys Hulette Lowe
    Allen Marr
    Harold Mauldin
    Jack McCoy
    Charles McDaniel
    John Naglich
    Walter Neville
    B. Nicholson
    Wilson Nix
    Thomas Parker
    Russell Perkins
    Samuel Pursley
    Calvin Rick Richards
    Lois Miller Romanczyk
    Myles Wilson Scoggins
    Sybil Malcom Simmerson
    Jessie Hopper Smith
    Catherine Martin Spencer
    Emily Kitty Horne Threlkeld
    Rosa Fant Tribble
    Sue Anderson Vandiver
    Albert Willoughby
  • Class of 1943

    Lucy Sue Mashburn Blackwell
    Frances Dunson Boswell
    Jean Roberts Briggs
    Thelma Lamb Chastain
    Mary Beth Clinkscales
    Doris Addie Kimsey Dills
    Robert S. Dickerson
    Jackson Jay Dover
    Ray Fry
    Ruby Teat Haffner
    Barbara Brown Hunnicutt
    Martha Alliene Smith Jones
    Marvin Rex Neal
    Edith Whitmire Parker
    George Parker
    Norman Brundage Pursley
    Charles Seay
    Edward Burns Singleton
    Ludie Kelly Turpin
    Russell Wade
    Ruth Brown Whisenhunt
    Ruth Sisk Williams
  • Class of 1944

    Ida Mae Maise Bryant Beacham
    Mildred McClain Chlupacek
    Mildred Harding
    Adelaide Harwell
    Vesta Eloise Mundy Hunt
    Frances Queen Jackson
    Denver Bruce Keener
    Naomi Hopper Mayer
    Jean Bellingrath Mobley
    Evelyn Jimmie Watts Mobley
    Patricia Knight Peck
    Lorena Tanksley Powell
    Lamar Vandiver
  • Class of 1945

    Merle Kesler Adams
    Jewell O. Arrowood
    Richard Dick Ashe
    Henry Birdsong
    Harry Brown
    Jimmie Sue Addor Buffkin
    Mary Elizabeth Hunt Byrd
    Lois Butler Cooper
    Angieline Kirkland Crum
    Doris Woodall Crum
    Elmo Dickerson
    L. Dillard
    Sarah Bleckley Fisk
    Mary Pitts Grace
    Hubert Grist
    Sarah E. Haley
    Audrey Kimsey Herring
    Joe Hollingsworth
    Mary Jewell Blaylock Kelly
    Dewey Edwin Lovin
    Miriam Johnette Ertzberger McAfee
    Viola Moore McNeely
    Paul Neal
    Julian Wylie Neville
    Carrie Grist Rogers
    Arthur Schlock
    George Senn
    Mildred Gilstrap Senn
    Lois O'Shields Turner
    Lee Wilson
  • Class of 1946

    Margaret Williams Allen
    Jack Bleckley
    William Robert "Bill" Brown
    James Carl Davis
    Joel Ferguson
    Lilla Jeanette "Jean" Moore Grist
    William Hoyt Grist
    Robert Hamby
    Viva Southall Joiner
    Leta Keener Murat
    Esther Eller Quilliams
    Hazel "Texas" Coleman Schlock
    Robert Thurmond
    Calvin Totherow
  • Class of 1947

    John Thomas 'JT' Coleman
    Terry Gilbert Dillard
    Patsy Patsy Stiles Drake
    James Fry
    Bernice Garland Gibson
    Joseph Henry Grist
    Mary Louise Whitmire Magnes
    Agnes Kelly Ramsey
    Ruby Bradley Scaggs
    Mary Carolyn Philyaw Shirley
    Josephine Burrell Speed
    Noel Swanson
    Lila Williamson
    Joyce D. Thompson
  • Class of 1948

    John Adams
    Martha Bleckley
    Miriam Jollay Craven
    Betty Sue Teague Darnell
    Luella Dover
    Ida Odelle Hamby
    Allene Hollifield Holland
    Emily Jo-Anne Stiles Hubbs
    Horace James
    James Jim Jordan
    Gilbert Kelly
    Willie Kate Burrell McDowell
    Betty Coleman McEachern
    Peggy Foster Ramey
    Charlotte Darnell Rodriguez
    Joanne Vinson Tumidalsky
    Edith E. Burney
    Martha Grist Neville
  • Class of 1949

    Betty K. Crum
    Catherine Kitty Pickens Anderson
    Edward Wayne Dickerson
    Audrey Gibby Eller
    James Foster
    James C. Hogan
    Mildred Norton Justice
    Jack Keener
    Loyce Lillian Darnell Smith
    Charles Smith
    Alphia H. Stephens
    Chester Welch
    Birdie Wilson
  • Class of 1950

    Robert Blalock
    David Lee Booker
    Betty Norton Cabe
    LeRoy Jones
    Caretta Welch Moore
    Imogene Kelly Ramsey
    Anna Hooper Welch
    Ned Edwin Williamson
  • Class of 1951

    James Alexander
    Clara Parkins Bagwell
    Carolyn Carnes Brewer
    Evelyn Conley
    Jack Conner
    Robert Grist
    Alene Teague Lankford
    Charlotte Bayne Marshall
    Andrew Andy McBee
    Robert Bobby Williams
  • Class of 1952

    Billly Bowen
    Jane Tanner Bridges
    David A. Brown
    June Grist Coleman
    Barnard Malcolm Dillard
    W. Cleo Dodson
    Alice Brown English
    Lucy Wilson Fambrough
    Robert Gibbs
    Joseph Donald Kelly
    Rachel Carol Coleman McDougal
    Robert H. Philp, Jr.
    Clarence Raines
    William Twigg Smith
    Jane Mays Snell
    Maxine Teague Vinson
    Joe Walker
    Bruce Youngblood
  • Class of 1953

    Peggy Jean Abernathy
    Mary Jean Hopper Barber
    Margie Clark Bennett
    Joyce Jones Brotherton
    James R. Cutlip
    James Darnell
    Ann Grist Dickerson
    Niota Nichols Gibson
    Robert Bob Giles
    Joanne Page Harris
    Ben Hyde
    Jack Hoglen
    Eunice Anne jones
    William Dean Lamb
    Sidney Neville
    James Voyle Smith
    Barbara McKelvey Taylor
    Anna Lee Walker
  • Class of 1954

    Ann Denham Callahan
    Edward R. Dillard
    Carlton G. Hammett
    Larry Milton Keener
    William Billy Moore
    Carolyn Setzer
    James Smith
    Connie Vernell Coleman Strickland
    Hazel Dills Tolman
    Hazel Ann Guthrie Underwood
    Robert 'Bobby' M. Ward
    Clara Williams
    Lillian Ruth Dickerson Williams
    Lindsey D. Williams
  • Class of 1955

    Mable Ann Gowan Blackwood
    Donald Edward Brooks
    Nancy Brown
    Vernon Burnette
    Lillian Stiles Chastain
    Robert Clackum
    Michael Cone
    Luvonne Owens Crowe
    Hubert Norton Darnell
    Livingston Junior Dickerson
    John Dover
    Rodney Dan Green
    Alene Mason Hicks
    Bruce Hopper
    Hoyt L. Hooper
    William Bill Kelly
    Peggy Louise King
    Alene Teague Lankford
    James Jimmy McDowell
    Lexie Justus Scruggs
    Joe Smith
    Robert Bobby Stiles
    Furman Eugene "Gene" Vinson
    Ina Sue Darnell Wright
  • Class of 1956

    Charles Allred
    Geneva Hopper Aycock
    Harry Bingham
    William Hoyt Bradley
    Horace Grant Dickerson
    Kyle Dickerson
    Troy Hopper
    Francis Folis Jones
    Carolyn Justus
    Mary Mays McConnell
    Beatrice Robbins Mielcarek
    Patricia Phillips Miller
    Billy Ray Nix
    Shelby Peterman
    Annette Thurmond Pressley
    Margaret Mays Price
    John Rogers
    Dennis Shope
    Lee Roy Smith
    Bille Berte Shope-Harrell
  • Class of 1957

    Glynn Bacon
    Loretta McDowell Bishop
    William Hoyt Bradley
    James Lamar Burnette
    Dedrich Cole
    Clifton S. Corlett
    Jacqueline Jackie Darnell
    James Jim Darnell
    R. Eugene Denman
    Joseph Joe Dillard
    Clyde Robert Dills
    Carol Justice Foster
    Thomas Edward George, Sr.
    Harwell Hendee
    Gloria Jones
    John Kelly
    Olin McClain
    Linda Katherine McCraven
    Rose McKinley
    James M. Moore
    Judy Clark Moore
    Marjory 'Annette' Christian Park
    Donald Don Powers
    Vaughn Rogers
    Roslyn Rose Mauldin Savage
    Lynda Dixon Seymour
    William Ross Snider
    Bert Stiles
    Edward J. Taylor
    Ken Ward
  • Class of 1958

    Betty Thompson Allen
    Norman Woody Ayers
    Ronald Coleman
    Roy Lee Conner
    Brye "Bud" Darnell, Jr.
    Gerald Tim Dickerson
    Wymer Guest
    Mary Hopper Helton
    Carolyn Darnell Hicks
    Sonia Huff Lavender
    Beverly Guthrie Lougher
    Victoria "Vicki" Vinson Nash
    Richard Nix
    Aaron Perry
    Wayne Peterman
    Joyce Perry Sexton
    Donald F. Strickland
    Fritz Vinson
    Mary Inez Williams Welborn
    Thomas H. Teyssier
  • Class of 1959

    Sue Webb Anderson
    Dixie Young Bramblett
    Lloyd W. Brown
    Joanne Carver Chastain
    LaVerne Grist Coleman
    Betty Sue English
    Jimmy Fincher
    Nelda Callahan Froberg
    Glenn Green
    Hoyal Randall Hughes
    Gerald Lamb
    Richard Melvin
    Sandra Ballew Middleton
    Virginia Elaine Stovall Olive
    Jane Pierson
    Russell L. Roach
    Hubert D. Roper
    Priscilla Lane Stiles Sargent
    Dale Denham Shaffield
    Lewis Kent Shope
    Doyle Smith
    Phillip E. Stanley
    Angeline Kelley Stephens
    G. William Thurmond
    Fredric Fred Trout
    Rebecca "Becky" Madge Vinson
    Henry Dwain Ward
    Virginia L. Justus-Watts
    Neville Williams
  • Class of 1960

    Maxwell "Max" J. Bolding
    Patricia "Cookie" Thompson-Evatt
    Danny Covington
    Donald Wayne Guest
    Harold Henslee
    Arnold Houghtaling
    George V. Justus
    James Verlin Keener
    Lewis Mason
    Truie H. Miller
    Barbara Cope Passmore
    Judith Judy Reber
    Gloria Pickens Tate
    James Taylor
    Douglas Doug Vinson
    Fred Wallace Watkins
    Reverend Thomas A. Weaver
    Nina Brown-Williams
    Dorothy Wright
    Vernon Wright
    Sidney Yancey
    J. Harold Thurmond
  • Class of 1961

    Janie Queen Davenport
    John Dugger
    Wayne Garrett
    Troy Gene Head
    David Hopper
    Margaret M. Kilby
    Robert Bob Monroe, Sr.
    Bennie B. Norton
    Charles Ohl
    Grover Webb
  • Class of 1962

    Roger Dale Anderson
    Earline Carver Benefield
    Billie Madge Jenkins Brooks
    Linda Blalock Cody
    John Dillard
    Jane Page Gillespie
    Nannie Grist
    Douglas 'Bud' Allen Hopper, Sr.
    Kermit Sam Keener
    Clyde Phillips
    Frank Robertson
    Morris Robinson
    Patricia Petty Runyan
    Dennis Spruell
    Sarah Stancil Turpen
    Dona Coleman-Vinson
  • Class of 1963

    Lillie Stancil Billingsley
    Betty Vinson-Blount Dewberry
    Garland Glaze
    Malcolm Granville
    Ronald Frank King
    Shirley Beasley Mann
    Kenneth Mewborn Mason
    Kenneth McClain
    Bennie Earl Proctor
    Velma Bushels Hinton Rothman
    Marie Nix Speed
    Sarah Nix Speed
    Ellen Geiger Walker
    Sandra Branscomb Watson
    Thad Watson, Jr.
    Patricia A. Roach-Wood
  • Class of 1964

    Carole Fulmer Boyce
    Charles Dailey
    Carolyn Brock Eberhart
    William Tommy Hammock
    Richard Parkins
    Ray Siewert
    Judy Robinson Smith
    Barbara Lawler Verhulst
    Victor Wilborn
  • Class of 1965

    Shirley Barnes Bolick
    Timothy Brown
    James Carpenter
    Mary Carolyn Mary Deal
    Troy Dunn
    Deborah L. Gray
    Wayne Justice
    Edwin D. Lakey
    Kenneth L. Long
    Thomas Young
  • Class of 1966

    Grover Coleman
    Aaron Lester Hopper
    Robert M. Johnston, Jr.
    Valdarea Sharon Sellers Kinsey
    Timothy Fred Long
    Larry Dean Mason
    Glenn Martin McFarlane
    Ray Norman Peterman
    Lawrence Rogers
    Larry M. Seagle
  • Class of 1967

    Duane E. Brown
    Jean Nettles Brown
    Jack Buchanan
    Leroy Chastain
    Ned Ned Chastain
    Stanley Butch Darnell
    David Tiny Hanson
    Edward V. Hopper
    Troy Jenkins
    J. Ernest Mason
    Joel Pritchett
    Dale George Smith
    John Zeb Carver
  • Class of 1968

    Lee Lee Boss
    James William Camp
    Kenneth Dailey
    Michael Vincent Geiger
    Charles Hoke Grist
    Calvin Jenkins
    Yoang James AKA Yi / Leigh Jung
    Eugene Mason
    Thomas Tom Patterson
    Linda Minter Peterson
    Michael Powell
    Claudia Victoria Darnell Scott
    Steven Steve Shealey
    Roy Smith
    Michael Wade Sutton
    Ralph Wayne Pritchett
    Charles Claud Penland
  • Class of 1969

    William "Bill" Bryant Atkinson, Jr.
    Laura Yarbrough Barron
    Connie James Baskins
    David Bass
    Janis Jan Brown Bonner
    Linda Gray Conner
    Marsha Folse Fulwider
    Doyle Geiger
    Joseph Hardee
    Robert William Jeanneret
    Thomas Jones
    Dale Justice
    Harold Doug Shealey
  • Class of 1970

    Maurice Burrell
    William Harold Burrell
    Melissa Vinson Crain
    Lorraine Darnell
    Frank Davis
    Nancy Nance Turnage Douglas
    Sandra Burnette Hopton
    Albert Joiner
    Edward Page
    Tim Smoot
  • Class of 1971

    Laurie Brunson Altieri
    Robert L. Bradshaw
    Hubert Darnell
    John David Gardner
    Frank Hill
    Carolyn James
    Matha "Marti" Ann Lind
    Floyd PeeWee Neupert
    Ernest Ernie Payne
    Shirley Hooper Payne
    Andrea Burrell Potts
  • Class of 1972

    Kathy Long Blalock
    William Bill Jones
    Carol Jean Maney Kidder
    Mary Webb Martin Kitchens
    Tanis Kimberly Page
    Susan F. Stinchcomb
    Ernest ET Taylor
    Glenda Arrowood Voiles
    Lawrence Williams
  • Class of 1973

    Donald Donnie Anderson
    Rhonda Black Banks
    Calvin B. Behr, Jr.
    Stanley Echols
    Robert Guy Teague
    Gary Stephen Warfield
  • Class of 1974

    Robbin Carnes
    Kia Killer Carver
    Joseph Chastain
    Roy Dean Dickerson
    Linda Joyce Cumbest Garcia
    John Anthony Garland
    Evelyn Dianne Loggins Holden
    Tommy Hopper
    Bobby Allen Jenkins
    James Jamie McFadden
    Terry M. York
  • Class of 1975

    Cary Michael Bogue
    Frederick Freddie Darnell
    Glenn Lee Holt
    Kenneth Lamar James
    Tommy Lamb
    Sallie Mason
  • Class of 1976

    Brenda Faye Carpenter
    Claudette Holt Chastain
    Robert Edward "Eddy" Conner
    Sondra Runfeldt Norton
    Alvin Al Oakes
    Bret Short
    Seni Sise
    Loy Smith
    Wallace Gordon Southwell III
    Tamara Joy Blue Wingo
    Andrea L. Tyre-Wood
  • Class of 1977

    Louise Darnell
    Peter Foster
    John Henslee
    Dover Henson, Jr.
    Claudia Jaillett
    Dennis Maxwell
    Robert Bobby Rholetter
    Jerry Richardson
    Karen Ann Edmunds Simpson
    Daniel Smith
  • Class of 1978

    Jeffrey Broom
    Edward Scott Coleman
    Jack Milo Conley
    David Gilstrap
    Deborah McCoy
    Terri Webb Dial
  • Class of 1979

    John Wayne Darnell
    Robert Otis Kincaid
    Donald Allen Mann
    Robert Linne' Reps
    Julie Snell
    Regina Gina Tatum
    Archie D. Vinson
    Clinton Breck Wilburn
  • Class of 1980

    Thomas Angel
    Kevin Anthony Brock
    Karen Kelly Panico
    James Rogers
    Timothy Allan Vinson
  • Class of 1981

    Patrick M. Bateman
    Roy Marty Conner
    Robert Forrest
    Fonda Delaine Lindley
  • Class of 1982

    E. Steve Foster
  • Class of 1983

    Todd Dorsey
    James D. Rogers
    William S. Peck V
  • Class of 1984

    Tracy Ann Brown 
    Joleen Roberts Dera
    John Johnston
    Patricia Snodgrass Strom
    Winston Watson
    Mike West
  • Class of 1985

    Patrick Fisher
    Kenneth Dale Lamberth
    Tia Rowe
    George Scott "Scooter" Safford
    Holly Zeigler
  • Class of 1987

    Neill C. Browning
  • Class of 1988

    Steve Stone
    Pam Haley Webb
  • Class of 1989

    Sherry Meeks Wilson
  • Class of 1990

    Patrick Beau Ridley Turner
    Heidi Young Rudloff
  • Class of 1991

    Chad Walker
  • Class of 1992

    John Bodenstein
    Jennifer L. Johnson
    Dina Sok
  • Class of 1993

    William Sonny Cline
    Jonathan Shrum
  • Class of 1995

    Jessica Thomas Woody
  • Class of 1996

    Desiree Wood
    Gina Harris Barrett
  • Class of 1997

    Derek Layman
  • Class of 1998

    Julia Palmour
  • Class of 1999

    Laura James
  • Class of 2001

    Lane Veteto
  • Class of 2002

    Kyle Atchison
    Hoyt Penland
  • Class of 2003

    Ivey Williams Eberly
  • Class of 2005

    Krystle Muthoni Kabare
  • Class of 2006

    Elizabeth Coram
  • Class of 2007

    Jason Brooker
    Sterling McLemore
  • Class of 2008

    Alizey Khan
  • Class of 2013

    Wylder Nichols
    Madi Wheeler
  • Class of 2014

    Edrick Rivera 
  • Class of 2015

    Danielle Ashe
  • Class of 2018

    Lisa Oppelt
  • Class of 2021

    Joshua E. von Westernhagen
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