Student Profile: Greg Seok '27

Meet Greg Seok '27! Greg is a boarding student from Seongnam-si, South Korea. He is an honor roll student, a member of the orchestra, and has been at Rabun Gap for one year. Outside of the classroom, Greg likes to practice his bass. Earlier this spring, Greg played at a pre-collegiate bass masterclass at the American String Teacher Association (ASTA) National Conference.

Why did you choose to attend Rabun Gap?
Going to a private boarding school was my dream for a long time, and Rabun Gap offered me a chance to make that dream come true.

What makes Rabun Gap special to you?
It is special to me because Rabun Gag gives me so many opportunities to try new and interesting things.

What is your favorite memory from Rabun Gap?
I think it is the time when I first came to the high school campus. Because it was so different from my old school in Korea, big grass fields, beautiful buildings, and so many nice people welcomed me.

What do you like most about your extracurriculars?
I like how they let students do something new or what they like to do for a year and deeply dive into it.  

You are heavily involved in our orchestra program.  What has been your favorite orchestra moment this year?
I think it was when I first finished performing for the first Cirque Desperadas. It was great working with all the people in the orchestra and cirque. 

Tell us about the bass masterclass you attended in the winter.
I performed in the masterclass that the American Strings Teachers Association(ASTA) provides. It was a great opportunity to practice on my solo and learn a lot from a double bass professor. 

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is math because I love how math can define something in the most perfect way.

What do you enjoy most about being a boarding student?
I think it is spending time with my roommate and getting to know each other.

Which Rabun Gap teachers and/or coaches have had the biggest impact on you during your time here?
Mr. BySura, my science teacher had the most impact on my because he taught me so much about things I couldn't learn in Korea.

What advice would you give another student who is interested in boarding and attending Rabun Gap?
I think they should learn how to use their time wisely, because there are many assessments that happens so quick.

Which interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?
I like to practice my bass.
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