Mike & Sandy Cook retire after combined seven decades of service

The Cooks have created a legacy as teachers at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. 
"Richly blessed and highly favored," is how Mike and Sandy Cook describe their lifelong joy of teaching and guiding students at Rabun Gap. They officially retired this spring after a combined 70+ years of service to Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. 

Sandy began her teaching career at Rabun Gap in 1979, taking her first job in the classroom as a math teacher.
Her connection with her students was akin to the bonds found in the closest of families. After decades of teaching, she and Mike worked with students in the Teaching and Learning Center to keep our young learners on track for success.

Mike, a 1971 graduate, grew up on campus and eventually returned to join the humanities faculty at Rabun Gap in 1992.  He worked directly with students in the classroom until his recent retirement.

In addition to Mike and Sandy's contribution, Mike's parents also provided 29 years of service at Rabun Gap, his dad as a teacher and coach, and his mom as a secretary. Mike had an aunt who graduated from the junior college and a brother who also graduated from the school and worked here as a teacher, coach, and houseparent. With a combined 117 years of service, the Cook family has guided thousands of Rabun Gap students. 

To celebrate the entire Cook family and their legacy at Rabun Gap, we will be dedicating a classroom in Hodgson Hall in their honor. A bronze plaque will share their inspirational history with generations of future teachers and students.

Not only have Mike and Sandy dedicated their time and talent to the young learners of Rabun Gap, but they have also led the way by giving to the Cupola Fund, which supports the school’s mission. Will you consider giving in honor of Mike and Sandy?

Give here. 

For each person who gives in honor of the Cooks, we will send a note letting them know that you have been inspired to follow in their footsteps by sharing your blessings with the “school we love so well.” Please designate your gift on the form in honor of Mike and Sandy Cook. 
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