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Eagles Spotlight: Quincy Ji '22, girls basketball

Sophomore Quincy Ji '22 is a player on our Lady Eagles basketball team.
Sophomore Quincy Ji is in her first year as a Lady Eagles basketball player. 

Quincy is a boarding student from China and was inspired to play basketball after watching her mother excel on the court. Qunicy’s mom played professional basketball for a team called Bayi in China. They won the national championship in China many times. Quincy’s mom retired after an injury.

“To continue her dream is also one of the reasons why I chose to play basketball,” Quincy said.

Now, Qunicy is now following in her mother’s footsteps as a standout player for the Lady Eagles.

“Quincy has been a great addition to this year’s team,” said Head Girls Basketball Coach Dale Earnhardt. “She is very skilled at handling the ball and is one of our better passers.  Quincy has hit some key shots in several of our games this winter. I really think she will be an important piece if we are to make another run deep into the playoffs.” 

How long have you been playing basketball? Are there other teams that you play for? 
I have been playing basketball for six years. I played for Tsinghua University High School before I came to the United States.

What position do you play?
I am a guard but I can also play some post.

What inspired you to play basketball?
My mom taught me how to play and brought me to games when I was young. When I saw the players playing on the court and the people cheering for them, I started looking forward to playing on the court.

What is the best part about playing for the Eagles basketball team? 
The best part is we never put our heads down - no matter if we are up or down, win or lose. I like the way my teammates encourage each other and how they treat everyone on the team as a part of the family.

What has been the most exciting game so far for you? 
The game with Tallulah Falls. We played really hard and the score was really close. We had a good beginning, but in the fourth quarter they caught up and it became an exciting ball game. My team stayed together and made lots of big shots. In the end, I blocked the girl and we got the ball and made those free throws which led us to win. That game was physical and exciting.

What led you to come play basketball at Rabun Gap? 
I spent a gap year to work on my basketball skills and prepared to play in American high schools in Oregon. My coach in Oregon helped me apply Rabun Gap, which is a good team and can help me get better. 

What is the hardest part of being a student-athlete? How has the environment and people here at Rabun Gap helped you? 
The hardest part is sometimes I can not go to class because of the games, which means I will miss the things my classmates learned in class. My teachers will always help me during tutorial times and my classmates will help me in study hall.

What makes playing at Rabun Gap special to you?
The chemistry between me and my teammates is the most amazing thing. We always surprise each other with the tactical understanding we have. Also, I love the environment at our home games. The student section is always our strongest backing.

What is your favorite thing about your coaches? 
Coach Earnhardt is a really good coach. He cares about every player not only in our physical game but also emotionally. He always talks to us and ask about our thoughts of the team and games. He is wise and always thinking about how to let us get better. Our practice is really scientific, which combines both personal skills and team cooperation. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 
I usually read books or watch films.

What classes do you love here and why? 
I like AP Chemistry very much. I am a big fan of chemistry, and I enjoy discuss questions with my teacher.

What are your plans for after high school? 
I want to play basketball in college and choose a major that I like.

What other school activities or organizations/other sports are you involved with?
It is my first year in Rabun Gap. I will do track in spring but the season has not started yet.
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