Rabun Gap 5 - Habersham 0

The girls team continued their victory roll Tuesday, picking up a 5-0 win against Habersham County on the RGNS courts.
Our next match is Thursday, 9/19/19 at Tallulah Falls School. All players will be attending. Hope to see you there!
Girls Seeded
1 - Angelica Vanflorcke vs. P. Warren (8-1 win)
2 - Layla Burnett vs. Z. Anderson (8-1 win)
3 - Sophia Moore vs. E. Lundsford (8-3 win)
4&5 - Cathryn Carmack & Kendall Weisser vs. A. Gonzales & N. Vera (8-0 win)
6&7 - Carolyn Carmack & Mandy He vs. M. Gosnell & E. Nichols (8-0 win)
Girls Exhibition
Vivian Guo & Eulalie McGrath 1-3
Gracie Queen & Gracie Scott 5-3
Margaret Kelly & Stella Merkle ?
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