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Faculty Feature: Ms. Kimberly Green, Upper School Counselor

We are a school filled with people from all over the world that live in a community that gets along, celebrates life, and strives to learn.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  
Ms. Kimberly Green is the Upper School Counselor. Originally from Franklin, NC, she lives on campus with her husband, Athletic Trainer Mark Green, and their children Hope ‘28 and Harrison ‘31. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies and a Master of Arts in Education in School Counseling from Western Carolina and has been a counselor for 14 years, working with kindergarten through 12th grade students. She joined Rabun Gap in 2017.
What made you choose to work at Rabun Gap?
I fell in love with Rabun Gap when my husband, Mark, started working here six years ago.  It’s that same feeling that I have heard new students get when they walk onto campus for the first time. It’s just so awesome and warm, that you just don’t want to leave.  I got to know the campus, students, faculty, and community by spending time here on the ball fields while Mark covered games. It didn’t take me long to pursue an opportunity to work here.  Then, three years ago, an opening came about and here I am. I consider this job a gift from God. 
Why did you decide to become a counselor?  
After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I was working in a children’s advocacy center.  In that role, I spent a lot of time working with kids and families that had experienced trauma and abuse. But I didn’t really have the tools or skills to help them heal, the therapists had that role.  I wanted to do more, so I pursued a degree in counseling. I love the school setting so much that I focused on learning how to be a school counselor. School counselors get the wonderful opportunity to do a lot of preventive and educational work with students and families.  As a school counselor, I work with students in individual counseling, but I also coordinate programs that teach coping skills and life skills to all students. I get the opportunity to get to know and help everyone, not just the clients that would come to me in a private therapy practice.  
What were you like in high school?
I guess I was myself, just a lot more timid and less confident. I’m an only child, so I was really good at talking with adults but the peer social scene was a little intimidating. I played tennis, did well in school, served on the yearbook staff, and worked an afterschool job. 
What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?  
I have developed a love for running.  Fortunately, my husband shares my passion for running and has agreed to train for a marathon with me. 
What are you known for?
I would hope someone would say that I am known for kindness. I do value kindness tremendously and I’m often stressing that point with my own two kids...and anyone I talk with.
What makes Rabun Gap special?
We are a school filled with people from all over the world that live in a community that gets along, celebrates life, and strives to learn.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  
What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone? 
My resume wouldn’t show it, but I am really involved in children’s ministry at my church.  I’m also a big fan of spending time outside with my family, or spending time with them anywhere; they hold my heart.
What do you like about being a high school counselor?
I’ve spent time with all age groups, but working with high schoolers is my favorite.  High school can be such a hard age. There is so much growth in all areas that happens in such a small window of time.  I love to help and support students as they are going through this transitional time. It's fun and rewarding.
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